I work at a newspaper and do newspaper things. I also draw and you can check that out under the My Art tab.
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Imagine Frederick Chilton secretly having a dating profile hopelessly trying to find love, with a picture of him smiling happily but he only has about 15 hits on his profile.


u cant tell me this isnt his icon

Yes, I'm already getting annoyed with all of the wife beater posts. I must have seen three thousand of them in the tag! I hate it when great shows are ignored as a whole for one good actor.

Exactly. I went to the tag to find some photosets and gifsets of a really wonderfully-shot show, and about 80% of what I found was Martin Freeman taking off his shirt.

Not everyone watches shows for the same reasons, so I’ve got no issues with people tuning in to see their favorite actors. I do that too!

I just feel there was a lot more to like about Fargo than Martin Freeman in a wife beater, but the fargo tag on tumblr doesn’t really reflect that.

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It’s a red tide, Lester, this life of ours. The shit they make us eat day after day, the boss, the wife, etc, wearing us down, if you don’t stand up to it, let ‘em know you’re an ape, deep down where it counts, you’re just going to get washed away. Fargo 1x1: The Crocodile’s Dilemma