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Enjoying your stay in the Fullerverse? Revised and Expanded List

Recurring Actors, Characters in Bryan Fuller Shows:

-Caroline Dhavernas - Jaye Tyler/Wonderfalls; Alana Bloom/Hannibal
-Lee Pace - Aaron Tyler/Wonderfalls; Ned the Pie Maker/Pushing Daisies
Ellen Muth - George Lass/Dead LIke Me; Georgia Madchen/Hannibal
-Ellen Greene - Vivian Charles/Pushing Daisies; Mrs. Komeda/Hannibal
-Diana Skarwid - Karen Tyler/Wonderfalls; Mother Superior/Pushing Daisies
-Eddie Izzard - Grandpa Munster/Mockingbird Lane; Dr. Abel Gideon/Hannibal
-Raul Esparza - Alfredo Aldarisio/Pushing Daisies; Dr. Frederick Chilton/Hannibal
-Molly Shannon - Dilly Balsam/Pushing Daisies; ??/Hannibal
-Gina Torres - Laila Robinson/Pushing Daisies, Bella Crawford/Hannibal
-Chelan Simmons - Gretchen Speck/Wonderfalls; Gretchen Speck/Hannibal
-Beth Grant - Marianne Marie Beattle/Wonderfalls; Marianne Marie Beattle/Pushing Daisies; Marianne Marie Beattle/Mockingbird Lane
-Aidan Devine - Father Joe Scofield/Wonderfalls; Eldon Stammets/Hannibal

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